Mr. Anton works for a nuclear power generating company. He is hoping to make a living to support his family of four who solely depends on his entry-level wages at the power plant. Anton has his life all planned out, the mortgage payment is being paid on time and there’s even a plan to send his son to college in a couple of years. Then suddenly Anton falls sick. The doctors say he has cancer from constant exposure to radioactive substances over the years. He knows this to be true because not once but several times, he’s complained to the supervisor about the inadequate provision of protective gear for him to do his job.

Anton reports working one morning filing for leave so he can take care of himself and possibly make a full recovery from his illness. And because he is no longer fit to work again, the company decides to lay him off instead. Anton’s son gives up the idea of ever making it to college on the same morning that the bank foreclosures on their home. Anton knows the company could have prevented this if only they had made available protection gears for him to work with. He feels cheated and used but feels there’s nothing he can really do about it. Anton dies with a heart full of sadness and regret for the family he is leaving behind, wondering how harsh life would be for them without him there to provide.

Stories along these lines have been the sad tales of many people who are unaware that with the services of a personal injury lawyer, they can seek justice and reparations or compensations for such wrongs and get it. This article takes a look at what personal injury lawyers do and why you may need one.


This is a lawyer who specializes in providing legal consultation and representation where the injury is claimed to have been done, usually from negligence from an individual, a group of people, a company, or the government. Personal injury lawyers practice tort law and their primary obligation to their clients is to help restore wholeness and recovery as much as possible and also discourage others who may be involved in similar activities from doing so.

Compensations for injury are usually in monetary equivalent called damages and this helps to take care of medical bills, expenses, loss of work, and productivity.


When you engage the services of a personal injury lawyer, there is a buffet of services that they render. All of which come together to help achieve the set goal.

  • They tell you all you need to know

If your case is hazy and unclear to you, a personal injury lawyer can help explain what your rights are and how that injury has affected them.

  • Provision of advice

It is one thing to suffer an injury and it is another to go seeking justice and reparations. A personal injury lawyer can walk you through that maze. They can help explain in understandable terms, how the legal process in your state works and how to interpret the laws.

  • They represent you in court

Should the case get to court, you can count on the personal injury lawyer to become your voice and argue on your behalf. Usually, this is the next step if your claim is denied by the insurance company or the entity that has caused the injury.

  • Professional investigation

Many firms have their personal investigation departments or can hire an investigator as well as professionals in forensics and accident reconstruction to look into the incident. Doing this helps provide enough evidence and proof to support your claim – proof that may sometimes not be easily accessible or recognizable by the plaintiff.

  • Connection with medical experts

Personal injury lawyers know a lot about the best professionals to seek help in the process of recovery after an injury including medical professionals, psychologists, and rehabilitation facilities. From their many years of working with these professionals, they are in a good position to make suggestions to their clients on how best to get help and where from.

  • Damage assessment

Who best to effectively assess the damages caused in an accident than one who does so routinely and is able to expertly quantify it? The personal injury lawyer not only assesses immediate injury but also the long-term associated effects and the possible impact it could have on a person’s life.

Accidents happen and they vary. Unlike Anton’s, it could be non-fatal accidents – a fall or a fender bender, malpractice, or a mechanical malfunction from a manufacturer’s error leading to an injury. Whichever the case may be, should you feel that you have been wronged and desire to get compensated, make an appointment with a personal injury lawyer today?

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