Supplemental insurance is an insurance policy that covers the loopholes in the original policy. General health insurance usually covers a lot but not all the cost of health care services and supplies. Supplemental insurance helps cover the cost of illnesses or accidents not contemplated in the original insurance policy. Benefits of supplementary insurance policy can also be used to cover payment for copayments – a fixed rate paid by the insured out of pocket every time the plan is used – and deductibles – the amount the insured has to pay out of pocket every year before the insurer begins to cover any cost. You must have an existing insurance plan to get a supplemental insurance policy because it supplements an existing plan.

Supplemental health insurance for singles

People generally feel protected by just the general health insurance gotten either as an individual plan or as employee benefits. This is especially common among single people. A lot of people hold the view that insurance policies are for married people. As a result of this, single people do not even bother with getting insurance, and the ones who get a general insurance plan feel protected enough by it. Thus, singles do not see the need for a supplemental insurance plan.

There have been people who felt protected with their general insurance policy until they needed it for a critical illness or accident and discovered they were not fully protected because there was a loophole. This loophole causes a strain on the finances of a good number of people. Singles need to acknowledge the fact that health issues, critical illnesses, and accidents know no age and can come at any time.  Singles, therefore, need not only a general insurance plan but also a supplemental plan.

Singles who already have an existing health insurance plan will therefore need to examine their primary insurance policy to know the gaps in the policy. It will help them realize the need for supplemental insurance to protect them from high out of pocket expenses. Most general insurance plans have a maximum out of pocket expenses amount that is payable by the insurer. There are also certain illnesses and accidents that are not covered in a general health insurance policy. Studies have shown medical expenses are among the top ten reasons for personal bankruptcy. Bankruptcy resulting from medical expenses affects not only the uninsured but also the insured whose general health policy does not cover whatever health issues arise. It is expected that this worsens because of the rapid rate at which the prices of medical services and products are increasing. This makes it important for you to have a supplemental policy to lighten the burden on your savings whenever you need to make out of pocket payment for medical expenses.

Reasons to get a supplemental insurance policy

There are several reasons to get a supplemental health insurance policy. These reasons range from personal to financial and even emotional reasons. Some of the reasons are stated below.

  1. The individuality of supplementary health insurance: This is a major reason for getting supplementary health insurance. Many single people are willing to stall getting health insurance until when they get married – research has shown that health insurance is one of the reasons people get married. However, supplemental insurance policies cover only the insured individual. Even if you get married, you will still need to keep a separate supplementary policy from that of your spouse. So, the earlier you get your supplementary insurance policy, the better for you, your health, and your finances.
  1. Financial security: Supplemental insurance spreads the financial risk of medical expenses not covered in your general insurance plan. The cost of medical services and products is rising steadily. Having a supplemental insurance plan helps to cushion the effect on your finances.
  1. Health security: The uncertainty of life makes sit important for you to secure your health. Supplemental insurance provides you with health security because you can take the policy in anticipation of any critical illness that is in your family history or might be caused as a result of your lifestyle.
  1. The reality of changing lifestyle: The vast shift in lifestyle makes people more prone to a lot of health issues and accidents. Activities such as wrong eating habits, unhealthy quality of food, pollution, hectic work schedule, bad sleeping pattern, smoking, poor hygiene to mention a few have increased the risk of developing different illnesses.
  1. Tax benefits: Payments made from income towards health insurance are eligible for tax exemptions in most places. You get the benefit of paying less tax while securing the future of your health status.
  1. The renewable nature of a supplementary policy: Any standard supplemental policy is renewable even you have health problems. The implication of this is that the insurance company cannot cancel your supplementary policy as long as you pay your premium.
  1. Family’s health history: Family health history is the record of the genetic diseases and health conditions in your family. It might also be certain habits such as eating habits. The fact that you are at risk for certain having diseases because they are genetic is another good reason for getting a supplemental health insurance plan. Family’s medical history is important in making the decision to get supplemental insurance because supplemental insurance policies are usually specific. They cover certain illnesses. Knowledge of your family’s health history helps you pick a suitable plan for you.
  1. Personal health history: Personal health status is another reason. You will need to consider how often you take visits to your doctor and if there are any existing health conditions you have that require periodic treatments or visits to the doctor. Your personal medical history helps you foresee possible medical challenges that you might encounter. If you have a history of health conditions, having supplemental health insurance eases the stress of hospital visits on your personal finances.
  1. Additional benefits: The benefits of supplemental insurance are paid directly to you and not to the medical service providers. This means you get to appropriate the funds to pay additional health services that your primary insurance policy does not cover.


The benefits and security that supplemental insurance gives to an individual should be enough reason to get one. Singles need to secure a supplemental insurance policy because it prevents unforeseen health issues and accidents from destroying their personal finances. It might seem like a waste of money or too much insurance for one person however, it is better to in a safe financial and health situation than to be sorry and bankrupt.

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