Like every crisis, the coronavirus outbreak can negatively impact our mental health. Unlike most other crises though, the sheer scale and impact of the coronavirus outbreak on the lives of people around the world are unprecedented. For many people, that has led to a deterioration of their health physically and even mentally, as a result of prolonged inactivity due to lockdowns and the shear stress.

However, the silver lining is that there are many ways to turn the tide in your favor. You have quite a few options when it comes to boosting your health in spite of the crisis and here are a few of them:

Exercise. As restrictions on movement are likely to continue to some degree or other for a while yet, there is the possibility that you may find yourself at home most of the time in the near future.

Under normal circumstances, you would probably burn a reasonable number of calories walking to school, or from the bus station to work. But that may not be possible during this time. There is a high chance that a reduction in your mobility would add to your body weight, and it is not healthy.

To combat this, you would need to dedicate at least ten minutes every day for some cardio exercises. If you have a treadmill at home, that’s fantastic. If you do not, there are other options. You could jog around your house, do truck jumps or sit-ups. The great thing is that most of these exercises do not require any equipment. As long as you have a floor, you’re good to go!

With the aid of fitness apps or YouTube videos, you can find a proper exercise plan to do at home. This will ensure that you keep fit and remain healthy even while indoors.

Eat Healthily. A lot of people will discover a drop in their appetites during the coronavirus pandemic. It is not unusual.

Some people do experience a lack of appetite when faced with a crisis — the loss of a loved one, a career setback, and many others. So, it is expected that the same scenario will play out with those set of people. If you’re facing a similar situation, you will do well to adopt methods to rev up your appetite. Like consuming appetizers and multivitamins.

Others may tend in the opposite direction – binge eating, which is just as bad as undereating. Be sure to stay disciplined and watch your portion sizes to be sure you within reasonable limits.

Eat More Fruits, Nuts, and Vegetables. Apart from how much you eat, what you eat is also crucial: nuts have an abundance of minerals and vitamins, like magnesium and Vitamin E. Some examples of rich nuts are almonds, walnuts, cashews, peanuts, and hazelnuts. You could easily get them from your local supermarket.

When you feel like snacking, instead of grabbing a chocolate bar, go for an apple. The health benefits of regular fruit consumption are numerous. Fruits contain natural antioxidants which reduce the risk of getting sick. They are also low in calories and high in fiber. This helps your digestion while also controlling fat accumulation in your body.

Your immune system should matter a lot to you right now if it never did. Studies show that people with low immune systems are more likely to succumb to Coronavirus than others. So take lots of vegetables and supplement it with at least 500 grams of Vitamin C per day. No one says you’re going to catch the virus. But it is better to keep your body system prepared.

Hydrate. Health professionals recommend that you take 8- 11 glasses of water every day. Water is important for so many reasons. It makes your internal organs function properly, makes you sleep better, keeps your joints lubricated, regulates your body temperature, and improves your overall mental state. Water also does an amazing job of flushing away toxins which helps to boost your immune system.

Avoid Toxic Company. There are some people who wouldn’t hesitate to bring up the subject of coronavirus at every opportunity they get. They know the latest figures. They have the total number of casualties at their fingertips and they are willing to share the statistics with anyone who cares to listen.

They share it on their WhatsApp statuses. They mention it in private conversations. Do you think it does you any good? Doubtful. You may not notice but, subconsciously, this information has a way of souring your mood over time. And it is bad for your overall mental health.

Maintain Good Hygiene. Wash your hands regularly. If you leave the house for any reason, ensure to wash your hands properly when you get back home. Do not forget to decontaminate places you might have touched — the doorknob, the dining table, or kitchen sink.

After using a public convenience, ensure you wash your hands well before leaving. A medical expert and journalist, Doctor Sanjay Gupta recommends the following:

  • Apply a sufficient amount of hand wash/soap to your hands.
  • Let your hands wash thoroughly with each other for about 20 seconds.
  • Pay attention to the spaces within your fingers as germs can easily hide there.
  • Rinse your hands thoroughly.
  • After you’re done, use a tissue paper to turn off the water and dispose of immediately so you don’t contaminate yourself.

Get Enough Sleep. Studies have shown that lack of sleep is correlated to obesity and weight gain. Not having enough sleep also has the effect of increasing insulin resistance, loss of appetite, and a weakening of mental health. If you are having some difficulty sleeping, there are a few things you can do to change this. Reduce your caffeine intake. Spend less time on your phone when it’s close to bedtime. Stick to a particular time for sleep so your body can get adapted to it.

Take Vitamin D Supplements. Spending weeks in isolation may prevent you from getting sunlight as much as you did before coronavirus. We know that sunlight is the easiest source of Vitamin D but there are other options. There are soluble pills and syrups.

Vitamin D helps to improve bone density, increase energy, lessen the effects of depression, and helps combat diseases.

Avoid Drugs and Tobacco. According to cancer.org, smoking has killed more Americans than guns, HIV, alcohol, and car accidents combined. It also causes damage to the body’s organs and induces cancer.

While drugs could give you an initial high feeling, they end up bringing feelings of depression after. And this could negatively impact your mental health.

Lastly, Maintain Social Relationships. We need as much support as we can get now. Check up on friends and family members. Spread love to them when you can. Phycologists say that when you care about others, you stand a better chance of withstanding things that will ordinarily keep you down.

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