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You can't predict your future, but you can prepare for it with universal and whole life insurance from Washington National.

Washington National was named after our founders’ childhood hero, George Washington. The goal then was to help customers prepare for the unexpected at every stage of life with valuable health and life insurance products. Today, we’re still committed to helping our customers in their time of need.

Washington National Insurance offers Universal and Whole Life Programs.

Universal Life Plans in Real Life

Karen became a widow in her early 30s, when her two children were young. With help from her late husband’s life insurance, she picked up the pieces and moved on from a turbulent time.

Now that Karen is remarried and has grandchildren, she wants to offer the same security for her spouse and extended family members. She chooses universal life insurance coverage for her husband and grandchildren. The policy’s cash value grows tax deferred. 1

Karen appreciates that she can take loans or withdrawals from the balance. Because the policy’s premium is flexible, she may be able to skip a payment if she needs to (perhaps around the holidays or if money is tight), and her carrier can deduct the cost of insurance if she has sufficient cash value.

Whole Life Plans in Real Life

Sean, an electrician, hasn’t saved up as much for retirement as he’d like. He also has some debt he’s trying to get rid of.

Sean likes the idea of whole life insurance because he can keep the coverage for life at the same premium rate, and the cash value growth can supplement his retirement savings by taking a loan from the cash value.

These examples of Washington National insurance plans are provided for illustrative purposes only.

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