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The Alliance for Shared Health. Changing Healthcare and Changing Lives.

The Alliance for Share Health (ASH) members share a common set of deep-seated ethical or religious beliefs. ASH Members place supreme importance on the pursuit of sharing in each other’s health care needs and the sharing of expenses as it relates to those needs. To become a member of ASH, one must agree to the statement of beliefs that connects members to each other and to our international health sharing ministry predecessor.

We are here for each other and we are all connected. ASH members become part of the community of people that share in each other’s medical needs, while also finding a way to get help with their own healthcare requirements.


  • ASH is an IRS-approved 501(c)3 health sharing ministry that adheres to the Federal ACA requirements for health share programs as well as seeks to cooperate with various state safe harbor provisions that have recently been adopted by certain states.
  • ASH is a group of people who ascribe to a common set of ethical or religious beliefs.
  • ASH is a health share program whose members do not lose membership status after they develop an illness or medical condition.
  • ASH has a predecessor relationship with a long-standing international church ministry that has been helping people with medical needs since 1996.
  • ASH has a responsibility to its members to appropriately allocate member contributions for sharing per member guidelines. The Board of Directors has oversight to make sure these procedures are adhered to and that annual audits are conducted by an independent certified public accounting firm.

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